Popunder Traffic

April 28, 2009

According to Dictionary.com Pop-under Traffic is defined as: “on a Web site, an ad that opens in a separate window and is temporarily hidden until the user leaves the original Web site”

There are many companies on the world-wide-web that offer popunder traffic. Just like any type of advertising there are pro’s and con’s of the traffic source. Click here to get the pro’s and con’s of popunder traffic.

Below is a list of companies that offer pop-under traffic:


What are the different types of pop-under traffic: tool bar traffic, redirect traffic, expired domain traffic.

Here are some sites that can guide you to information about pop-under traffic.



2 Responses to “Popunder Traffic”

  1. Thanks for all the affiliate help and information, its been very helpfull. Was wondering if you could do a review on the RainMaker Craigslist software affiliate program. I came accross their site the other day, and i know a lot of people that use craigslist for their geo targetted marketing that will find great use in the software, but i would like a second oppinion before i become an affiliate. Thanks

    • AffiliateGeek Says:

      Hi there. Thanks for the request. I’ll see what I can do. Sounds like you were requesting a review of the affiliate program. Is that what you needed? OR… were you more interested in a review of the actual product? Please let me know what you are looking for and I will try to help.

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