Word Press Tags

April 28, 2009

What is a “Tag” and why do I need it?

According to Wikipedia.org http://bitly.com/EwZNK  A Tag is similar to a word cloud. For now… The History is as follows:

“The use of keywords predates the internet and carried over to early websites as a way for publishers to help users find content. In 2003, the social bookmarking website Delicious provided a way for its users to add “tags” to their bookmarks (as a way to help find them later); Delicious also provided browseable aggregated views of the bookmarks of all users featuring a particular tag.[1] Flickr allowed its users to add free-form tags to each of their pictures, constructing flexible and easy metadata that made the pictures highly searchable.[2] The success of Flickr and the influence of Delicious popularized the concept,[3] and other social software websites – such as YouTube, Technorati, and Last.fm – also implemented tagging. “Labels” in Gmail are similar to tags.”

Hmmm… Am I allowed to just quote things like wikipedia on my Word Press blog. Looks like maybe I should rewrite the above content so that it is not plagerism.


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