Content Management 911

April 30, 2009

My Twitter addiction is starting to get the best of me. Well, really, it’s not the Twitter Addiction but more the Content Addiction that is getting the best of me. hahaha… Actually, I could even take this a step farther and say that it’s not the Twitter nor the Content that is addicting but better yet it’s the Action/Reaction Factor. (Maybe this blog should be called “Action/Reaction Factor”) Hahaha… You know what I mean though. (I made that a period b/c if you’re reading this blog then you KNOW what I mean about the “Action/Reaction Factor”.) That’s when you find an awesome piece of content, a website or product, track it with something like tinyurl, Adminder or,  find traffic willing to click the link and then hit REFRESH over and over and over again. It’s sooo addicting!

The “Action/Reaction Factor” leads me to my next thought (which is why I started writing this blog in the first place). Social Media is such a blast especially Twitter and Facebook. I really never utilized Facebook until I discovered that I could submit and retrieve status updates on my Blackberry. After that, I was addicted. Oh boy… and then came Twitter. Holy crap. I had heard of Twitter but never really played with the tool much. But then… one of my coworkers was given a project that was to figure out how to best use Twitter at an Internet marketing company. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that experiment. Seriously! So I started Tweeting. Now, I’m officially addicted to social media. I want to learn everthing I possibly can about the subject. Just like right now… I should be getting ready for bed and instead I am blogging about social media.

Pretty much… social media, blogging and seeing my stats go up are all I can think about. And then there’s all of the resources and content. What the hell do you do with it all? I mean… every five seconds I find ANOTHER great article about SEO, SEM, Contextual Advertising, PPV, PPC, Email Marketing, Direct Marketing anything and everything necessary to become an expert in the field on Internet Marketing. How in the world do people organize all of their content? I find article after article that just rocks my socks. Should you organize it via website? Should you organize it via topic? Should the content be organized by source and then by topic? What would be the best category names? I don’t even know… All of this information is making me loony. I love it!!!

Seriously though… if you have some ideas about how to best organize Favorites, Bookmarks and Content then please do leave a comment or send me an email.  You would be in my favorites 4-ever. >> Cheesy I know. 😉


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