Six in 10 Twitter Users Jump Ship Each Month

May 1, 2009

Found this really cool article about how lot’s of Twitter users bail after the 1st month. Not sure why folks become un-interested. Maybe it’s because way too many people are trying to make money from Twitter and not necessarily using the tool as a supplementary way to drive traffic to useful and fun information. Who knows… I think Twitter is awesome. Such a great way to reach out to hundreds of people at the click of a button. Such a wonderful tool for reputation management, networking, learning how to use new tools, experimenting with headlines and different verticals. I’m stumped. Pretty sure I’ll be on board for a while!

What are your thoughts about the subject of the longevity of Twitter users? Are you a Twitter user? How long have you been a member? Why do you use the service? How has Twitter helped you? Who is your favorite Tweeter to follow? Inquiring minds want to know…


2 Responses to “Six in 10 Twitter Users Jump Ship Each Month”

  1. rosswords Says:

    I’m not a Twitter user and I’m not interested in becoming one any time soon.

    I appreciate the marketing, branding the public relations benefits of this service. As a marekting professional, it’s my business to know about this new technology and to advise my clients accordinly. There’s my dilemma.

    I suppose if I started using Twitter I might become a raving fan, as many people have. But I’m not prepared to take that plunge just yet. I have little enough spare time in my life as it is – I don’t feel the need to share details about my life with strangers.

    Why are people bailing on Twitter in such huge numbers? As a non-user I can only guess. I think Twitter is too confining. You can only use 140 characters per entry and that’s not enough for people who are used to the unlimited space found on FaceBook and MySpace.

    Plus, I would think that boredom would creep in real soon. You can only write and read about the mundane aspects of life for so long before getting bored with it.

    Who knows? One day I may take up Twitter to see what all the fuss is about. But for now I don’t think I’m missing much, and not being on Twitter is certainly not hurting my business.

    • AffiliateGeek Says:

      Thanks for the comment. I completely see your point regarding time constraints with respect to YET another PR tool. Seems as though many businesses are starting to use Twitter as a way to reach out to customers and not necessarily as a personal microblog. I saw that added a Twitter app for SocialCRM. Seems like a good idea. Plus it’s a fun tool. Twitter has been a way to help me understand more about SEO and also grabbing a users attention with short statements which seems to have been a big part of marketing since Newspapers were invented. I love to post a headline on Twitter with a link that I can track and then watch the subscribers start following me. I guess Twitter is just another educational tool for some people. Too each their own really. I certainly do not think Twitter is a must have for any business. However, if you ever do decide to jump on board with the Twitter craze then please do contact me. I look forward to hearing from you again someday!

      Thanks again for the feedback. 🙂

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