MBA Program Ideas for Internet Marketing Professionals

May 11, 2009

What MBA programs are available for professionals in the Internet Marketing space? This is a question I have pondered for at least the last year. I’ve searched and searched for MBA programs in the Internet Marketing space and never found a solid program. There are schools, which I will list later, that have some classes regarding internet marketing. However, I’ve yet to find a master’s or bachelor’s program that outlines a full curriculum for let’s say an Affiliate Marketing professional. Can you believe it?

According to via and in the article, Online Advertising Expenditure Forecast, 2009-2010; Online Advertising and Marketing are expected to grow significantly in the areas of:

  • Online search advertising
  • Online video, social networks, widgets, other
  • Videogame advertising
  • Mobile Advertising

Seems like colleges would catch on to the idea that Internet Marketing  is a viable solution to Sales, Advertising and PR and start offering more programs in their college curriculum. Having said this, I also believe that a college could very well offer a program in Affiliate Program Managment and use the Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosalind Gardner as a course text book. The class could be called Affiliate Program Management 102 or 103. Affiliate Program Management would have to be a higher level class because obviously there are certain basic prerequisites that should  be learned by the student in advance.

Okay… okay… I get it… you’re probably wondering why I think the Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosalind Gardner could be a text book for a college level management class in Internet Marketing. Well… I’m glad you asked. I don’t have time to tell you right now… but, if you drop me a note then I’ll make sure to alert you when I have updated my blog to include the reasoning behind my thoughts here. Feel free to ask questions or tell me what you think should be included in an MBA curriculum for Affiliate Program Management?


2 Responses to “MBA Program Ideas for Internet Marketing Professionals”

  1. This is a great idea. I think most top internet marketers should have MBA programs specially designed to teach the most advance marketing strategy and surefire knowledge on how succeed better on your seach engine marketing campaign.

    • AffiliateGeek Says:

      Hi Scott,

      Thanks for commenting on my blog. I completely agree with you that Top Internet Marketers should create MBA programs. However, I bet they would not because then competition could be compromised.

      I checked out the BadBoysofIM site. Looks like you have a good bit of experience in the internet marketing industry. Do you also have an MBA?

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