Project Management Outline Template

May 14, 2009

It’s interesting to me that a Google search of the terms “project management outline template” returned top results which dated all the way back to 2003. If I were a marketing strategist for a Project Management software tool, I would certainly create some kind of article or document that could be used as an SEO tool within the search engines. Just seems like a no brainer. People need project management templates, outlines, and guidance.  Here’s an outline I just started to use for my marketing, sales, advertising and social media projects.

Project Management Outline Template

  • Define Project
  • Build Prospect List
  • Create Value Proposition
  • Define Communication Strategy
  • Discovery Call- Set Appointment
  • Conclusions/Recommendations/Sales

Seems simple, right? If you have a better project management sample or outline then please send it my way. I am always interested in managing projects more efficiently.


2 Responses to “Project Management Outline Template”

  1. AffiliateGeek Says:

    I’ve noticed this blog is getting several views. Please keep in mind the above PM outline was created for a project centered around prospecting. I should have an outline geared towards Competitive Analysis soon. Stay tuned and thanks for reading my blog!

  2. Corporate Sleuth Says:

    Hi, good resource. I just posted an article to my blog from which I think your readers can benefit. The article is Myth: Loser Projects are for Losers and can be found at or at my main site:
    Thanks again for the resource, I am sure it will come in handy.

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