Michael Jackson Dies and Twitter goes SEO Crazy!

June 25, 2009

If and only if there is SEO in Twitter then this blog is relevant. Otherwise… just random thoughts from a random blogger…

At about 4 p.m. Mountain Time my office was buzzing with the news of the death of music industry icon, Michael Jackson. I posted the news to my Twitter account and then learned that TMZ.com was the only news source officially reporting the death of Michael Jackson. For those of you who are unfamiliar with TMZ.com, it’s not necessarily CNN. While they may be correct, I’m not sure their news information has to be confirmed.

Anyway, so knowing that it was possible that the death of Michael Jackson could indeed be only Gossip, I decided to do a Twitter search for the term “Gossip” so to get more information. My first search brought pages and pages of information containing the keyword “Gossip”. The indexed information also contained threads and threads of convesations about Michael Jackson dying from cardiac arrest. I was only on the site for about 30 seconds when I saw that 365 more posts containing the keyword “gossip” had been added to Twitter. Can you believe it…? 365 posts with that one keyword in a matter of 30 seconds. Would you also believe that within another 30 seconds there were 350 more posts containing the keyword “gossip”?

Not exactly sure what the keyword calculations at Twitter mean… Just know that’s a lot of posts within a short amount of time… how could one use this knowledge for the betterment of search engine optimization, social media optimization and search engine management or keyword research for PPC? Hmmm… RIP Michael Jackson… you may have caused a Tipping Point in the Social Media Industry today.


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