5 Minute Blog- 7 Features of a Good Blog

July 2, 2009

What makes a good blog?

1. Blog shows up on 1st page for the search term queried

2. Blog is hosted on it’s own domain and not on a 3rd party service such as WordPress or Blogger

3. Content Originality and Richness. Did they really take time to tell you about the subjuct in question? Or… Did the blogger just through up a bunch of links and say “here, read this”?

4. Credibility. How trustworthy is the blogger? Does she have deep knowledge and understanding about the subject in question? Are her creditials posted somewhere on the site?

5. Traffic. Do other people read her blog too? What is the Alexa ranking? How many other bloggers link to that site?

6. Conversations. Does the author invite comments to her blog? Do people comment? Better yet… are there conversations about the topic subject matter?

7. Site layout. How navigable is the website. Does the layout flow well? Are the articles that you want to read easy to find? What does a well laid out blog look like?


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