Link Juice? Really? SEO Jargon?

July 2, 2009

I was questioning the seo friendliness of posting images in a website and decided to toss out the word “Link Juice”. It didn’t go over so well. One of my coworkers actually accused me of making the word up. Hahahaha… then someone asked me to explain the phrase “link juice”. My answer… not so technical and probably even less accurate… Ahem… “link juice is how the search engines crawl your site and determine the worth of your site???” hehehe… something like that. 

Research via my coworker found this definition for “link juice”: “Jargon that refers to the quality of a Web site’s link power, as in page rank, number of link votes, etc. – that are obtained from backlinks. This expression was coined by SEO consultant Greg Boser, for example “I need to get some more link juice for my latest site.”-

Who is this Greg Boser guy??

Anyway… I decided to do a quick Google search to see what sites popped up for the search term “link juice”. Check out the top 9 organic search results for the term “link juice”.

some random seo forum about Google

Project & Next steps:

How did they rank in Alexa, SEMRush? How many back links do the above websites actually have?

Also, who’s running paid search in that space?

Google Webmasters Tool – Hmm… this is random!


One Response to “Link Juice? Really? SEO Jargon?”

  1. wsmithdesign Says:

    An image may be link bait but It can not harm your link juice.

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