Xtreme Internet Marketing Course Week1 Reviewed

July 3, 2009

Just  finished reading week 1 of the Xtreme Internet Marketing Course from Jeremy Shoemaker of Shoemoney.com. The content looks to be good quality. Seems to be a great course for both beginners and intermediate internet marketers alike. Could be good for highly experienced marketers as well… you tell me. 🙂

The author, Jeremy Shoemaker, provides an overview of the course as well as brief definitions of each section of the course. The desrciptions should help you better understand exactly what will be taught each week and prepare you for a successful work week. He even provides a suggested action plan. You just don’t find that with most internet marketing classes.

I’ve reviewed a ton of programs… they’re all the same… go sign up here, pay this money, subscribe to this or that newsletter. Most classes are so confusing. Makes me want to give up immediately! Oh…and, let’s not forget about the spam that you receive after you sign up for 40 different newsletters as suggested by some of the other internet marketing coaches. It’s rediculous! Seriously… is that the only way they know how to make money… by confusing the hell out of their audience? How many of their readers become successful internet marketers?

Jeremy really did a great job with placing the focus directly on the marketer. Really creates an atmosphere that teaches you to focus on your goals and ideas and not the ideas and goals of MLM marketers.I’ve only received 3 emails for this course and thus far have not been asked to sign up for anything accept a PDF tool so that I can read the lessons and a Gmail account to help me stay organized. Awesome! Even better… .the content nor the Action plan are confusing. Everything he teaches is straigtforward and to the point. Plain and Simple. Love it!

Okay… that’s it for now. I need to work on my Action Plan for this week. I know what I want to promote… Now it’s time to write it down and start taking Action! Thanks Jeremy for creating a great course that really focuses on me!

If you are interested in learning more about the Xtreme Internet Marketing Course then check out the outline at Shoemoney.com

P.s. Did I mention how excited I am to learn about Mobile Marketing? Didn’t even realize I could set up a code on my blog which will allow me to communicate with my readers via mobile messaging and SMS texts. This is so exciting!!!


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  1. hai friend ,
    i am planing to download the Xtreme Internet Marketing Course from Jeremy Shoemaker of Shoemoney.com.

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