Blog Project

July 6, 2009

My little blog project is going to turn out to be a gigantic experiment… I can feel it. I just started searching for my first topic and found zero blogs on the topic for my keywords– which were very basic. You would think that at least one blog would show up in organic search results for a certain topic, right? Nope- nothing but vendors and wikipedia results. I mean… what if I were a little kid and desperately wanted to write an essay about this particular subject and couldn’t find anything? Is it fair for me to fail b/c the world wide web decided that because I wasn’t an expert in that subject that I should find no good information? okay… probably a stretch… however, having said the above brain rant… aka brain storm… I just discovered that I should probably be searching for a combination of terms that have to do with my audience. (good session)

Anyway… blog project continued…

I searched both Yahoo and Google and only found one result that even looked like it wanted to be a blog. (Is it okay to give inanimate objects a personality? I think there is some literary term for that appointment… not sure… ) Anyway… brain space… whooo… hehehehe… so, as I was saying… I did find a site that, judging by the description and domain name, resembled a blog… ie… it had  a pretty basic domain name… had some keywords attached to the domain which were exactly what I was searching for… but when I clicked on the blog… NOTHING. The site was a dead end. Wasted space on the front page of the 2 most popular search engines on the interweb. 😦 It was very sad. So, I said, you know what… I should email those people… what the heck… why would you waste space? Kill sales? I mean… I don’t know how many “buyers” search on the terms that I was searching on… but, this “kinda looked like a blog site” was an actual vendor… and they could very well be missing sales because their link was a dead zone. So I found their contact us page and sent them a little note. It went something like this:

Dean wesite owner;

I was trying to find a blog about X and found your website. I noticed that your website showed up organically in both Google and Yahoo. However, the page listed would not display for me. I don’t know how many searches the term X gets everyday… but… since your site did show up in the results and on the 1st page… then there might be opportunity for you to make more sales.  Regardless, below is the link that I am referring to:


Also, do you know of any blogs or forums that are dedicated to X topic? I’m looking for just a basic overview of that topic with some nice photos and images of X topic.  Any info you would be willing to provide would be greatly appreciated.


Moriya Beck

Web surfer


Guess I’ll let you guys know if they write back! 🙂

Blog over,

-AffiliateGeek Out!


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