Testing Popunder Traffic: On-Going Lessons for Any Internet Marketer

July 7, 2009

Just taking a break from a much needed but incredibly detail oriented project regarding website traffic. I started a new project recently to identify the types of traffic that I could get from popunder services. Thus far I have paid 5 companies to deliver visitors to a landing/capture page that I created to test an offer called ProjectPayday.

The visitors started rolling in for all 4 of the 5 companies today. I am quickly realizing that they are hitting my site  at a rapid pace and I was not prepared to evaluate them as quickly as needed. Hell, I honestly wasn’t even exactly sure how I would evaluate the traffic once it got to my site. I’m using a tracking service called Adminder.com and thought that I would just evaluate the traffic once it was all delivered. Definitely learning my lesson on that front. Action plans are a necessity for any project to be successful. However, trial and error is okay as long as you learn from your mistakes and document the appropriate procedures.

After partially evaluating one of the services I decided that the traffic must be evaluated as it is sent to my capture page. The Adminder Ad Tracking Tool allows me to see the referring url’s or the websites that allowed my popunder to load behind their webpage.  While this is awesome… I quickly realized that the popunder providers that I placed my order with are much smarter then the average internet marketer. The particular company that I evaluated tonight only passes through 1 referring url. Therefore, I only saw 1 url repeated multiple times and to different IP addresses when I looked at the click report in my ad tracking tool. It looked the same in my Google Analytics tracking report as well. Meaning that it would appear to the naked eye that only 1 single url or website was the source of all the traffic that my site was receiving at that particular time and to that particular person or IP address.

The average person would look at the 1 url that referred the traffic, click on it, see a website and decide that was the only website sending them traffic. That internet marketer would be wrong. The url that the particular company passed through was actually a main url which was set up to receive different url’s everytime that particular url was clicked. From the traffic suppliers point of view, that technology is called ad serving.  Furthermore, since this makes the referring url that I saw in my ad tracking click report dynamic, meaning that everytime I click on the link in my report the true referring url would change. Hence the importance of evaluating the traffic as it comes through and not at the end. The traffic that passed through to the referring url reported in both Adminder.com and Google Analytics today most likely will not be the same traffic that passes through that single url in 5 minutes much less 24 hours.

Now that I know that the referring url is dynamic and the traffic must be documented in real time, it’s important to identify next steps. So, I’ll leave you to these thoughts. I have many more url’s to evaluate tonight and still need to document the next steps to my popunder traffic project.

–You will never be a successful internet marketer or sales professional unless your know your audience and what they are looking for. Tracking and testing are the foundation for any online business. It is an intimate relationship that absolutely will not function properly unless married together and joined as a team. You must know your product, know your traffic and track &test always!

Rant Over

-AffiliateGeek Out!


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