Click Fraud & Reputation Management

July 13, 2009

Need to write a blog about both of these topics. Shouldl the two topics be combined? I guess at this point you do not see the connection. Correct? Ha! They technically can be combined into one category since the example I plan to use deals in both of these subjects. Just need to draft the first blog. Have you ever had writer’s block? Like, you know WHAT you need to write about but the intro just won’t show itself? Odd and bit unfair. So, I’m sitting here writing this just hoping that as I type this random post at midnight something in my brain will click and words that make sense to my topic will just flow through my finger tips but it’s not happening so maybe I should just stop typing and go to bed. Lol. Now the next question is… should I publish this post or not? Lol. Totally gonna post it. Curious to know if anyone clicks on the blog. What if it’s click fraud. What is click fraud anyway? Wishing I could only show the “Excerpt” of my blog so that people actually have to click on the title to get the whole story. Surely there is a setting in WordPress for this, right? Ugh, now I’m thinking about this blogger that I was reading the other day. Where did I see his blog about WordPress? Was it from Twitter? From another Blog. It’s so difficult to keep that stuff organized! Would be cool if there was a project management tool that just could be connected to the human thought process. That would be weird I think. Then the tool would just intuitively know exactly where the person would put that post or that blog or content or news article or whatever and it would be there when the person needed it. Reputation Management. I might need some after this post. Ha!


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