PDA’s must really baffle traditional email marketer’s when monitering their open rates and deliverability. I would guess that most peope who have email connected to their mobile device open the email right away. I know I do. That HAS to mess with the open rates and really scew statics for email marketers. I’m curious to know how email marketers currently account and track this change in behavior. Also, how do mobile marketing professionals use the instant open rate to their advantage?

Icons are another topic of interest. For example, the Facebook logo shows up in my pda email box. How can I create a favicon that will show up in a subscribers PDA inbox? What other companies have favicon’s that show up in someone’s inbox? Do emails delivered by companies whose logo appears in the inbox on the mobile device get opened more frequently than emails with no logo?

Lastly, how many of the emails that you send to Twitter, Facebook and other Social networking sites get read on a handheld mobile device or pda? How do we track this conversion/open rate? Also, how can you construct better messages that will impact that statistic? How are the pro’s doing it? Do they stick with a certain buzz word?