Just got into a friendly argument with a co-worker who thinks SEO and Article Marketing are a complete waste of time. He actually said that someone interested in those things must have no money. Really coworker? I complete disagree with your statement. Seems to me that both article marketing and seo are alot about building brand awareness and creditbility for the product. If you’re going to promote a product via Adwords then why would you NOT create brand awareness by building articles and press releases for that product?

What am I missing here? Is it really fair to say that someone who wants to make money via affiliate marketing does not promote via Articles and SEO? I think that is absured!


Microsoft creates new Search Engine called “Bing“. How will this compete with Yahoo and Google? The search engine will be initially focused on Travel, Local, Shopping and Health. I wonder how much the advertising will cost.

Ian Paul from PC World.com raises some interesting questions about the new search engine in the article, 5 Things I want to know about Bing. Check it out…

If you are not familiar with the NoFollow tag then check out this article from SEOBook.

Apparently Google has made some search engine changes that affect the NoFollow tag. Check out this article from Kevin Newcomb at SearchEngineWatch.com titled, Google Changes course on Nofollow.

Hmmm, I didn’t even realize that a blog or article could have an algorithmic weight. According to HighRankings.com the weight is assigned by the search engines and affect the SERP (Search Engine Page Ranks). Makes me want to run google search on the key terms “search engine algorithms“. That’s right. What do we get? Ahhh, here’s something from Stanford University titled, “The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine“. I bet we can learn a TON from this Abstract… Who started SEO anyway??? So exciting!!

I’ve been finding awesome information about website optimization this week. Just found yet another great blog site chalk full of interesting and helpful content. The blog was short, sweet and too the point… 12 Simple Steps to Effective Websites. Thank you to the author, Nancy Fraser   http://bitly.com/OdfaK

Found this blog by yoast.com regarding Blog SEO. The author has won several awards and is a writer for Search Marketing Standard Magazine. Might want to add this blog to your seo resource toolbox. Great information in the article titled, “The Definitive Guide To Higher Rankings For Your Blog“.

Check out this super awesome set of tools and learning resources used for search engine optimization. Make sure to add this site to your toolbox for internet marketing. Thanks for the Internet Marketing Handbook SEOmoz!