Cheap Website Traffic

July 9, 2009

Right now I am reviewing some cheap website traffic that I ordered from a website traffic provider.  The company sends traffic to my landing page via popups, popunders, traffic exchanges and exitpops. The traffic was super inexpensive however, my leads are not converting. Plus, the sites showing my advertisement have very little if any traffic going to them at all. When I checked my ad tracking tool I found that most of the sites had very little worth at all. Very few of the sites had actual content on them. Most sites seemed to be just a powerhouse for Google Adsense.

Seems almost like simply uses the business as a way to get customers to click the Adsense ads when the customer checks the traffic that’s been delivered to their website. Probably a stretch but was a thought and so I put it out there. Another important topic to mention is the fact that my site keeps showing on Adult sites. I did not ask for my site to be displayed on a porn site at all! I was especially curious to know about one site that keeps showing up in my ad tracker as an adult site but with a different string of numbers each time. How did those sites get there? Is it some kind of affiliate program that tells people to go promote their site in a specific place? Hmmm… I think this is worthy of further investigation.

Well, I gotta jet for now. I have about 9 more traffic providers to evaluate. Question of the day… How do I get quality website traffic to my website?


Curious to know more about sites like Ping-o-Matic!.com that mass publish content to multiple websites such as weblog, feedburner, spinn3r etc. What exactly does it mean to “ping” a website such as BlogLines or TopicExchange? Is the blogger guaranteed web real estate on those sites? Furthermore, how do we track website traffic sent from Ping-0-Matic? More later…