So, I was perusing Clickz this morning in search of an interesting piece of news to share with my readers when I found an article noting Microsoft’s involvement in creating a Twitter Suite. Looks like Microsoft has partnered with Federated Media to create a Twitter app a “platform that aggregates the tweets of top business execs and empowers the community to surface the most insightful, business-related tweets.” (I’m not gonna lie, that quote was straight from the about us section of their new product called ExecTweets.) I haven’t had a chance to test out the tool but looks like tons of business professionals and executives are using the tool. Stay tuned for my review of product. By the way.. I also think it’s worth noting that ExecTweets is using the link shortening tool called Pretty sweet tool actually.


Found this really cool article about how lot’s of Twitter users bail after the 1st month. Not sure why folks become un-interested. Maybe it’s because way too many people are trying to make money from Twitter and not necessarily using the tool as a supplementary way to drive traffic to useful and fun information. Who knows… I think Twitter is awesome. Such a great way to reach out to hundreds of people at the click of a button. Such a wonderful tool for reputation management, networking, learning how to use new tools, experimenting with headlines and different verticals. I’m stumped. Pretty sure I’ll be on board for a while!

What are your thoughts about the subject of the longevity of Twitter users? Are you a Twitter user? How long have you been a member? Why do you use the service? How has Twitter helped you? Who is your favorite Tweeter to follow? Inquiring minds want to know…

I’ve noticed that some of my Twitter followers have friends. Then, I was surfing for credits at TrafficSwarm and found a website called TweetSpinner which has an application which allows the user to decipher b/t friends and followers. I’m not sure how it works yet but it looks interesting. Think I’ll check out the tool and post a review. Stay Tuned. Oh, also… tell me what you want to know about the product and I will include those topics in my review. Thanks!