Paul/Angela Links

August 9, 2010

Last week a fellow internet marketer made a strong suggestion to check out ODesk. So I did. The site is cool. There is definitely opportunity to work, if you are willing to produce mass quantities of output and a super low rate. Competition is stiff!  Many of the jobs pay less than $5 per hour. I’ve seen as low as $0.56 per hour…. and that’s for a solid seo link building project.

ODesk could be a great opportunity for someone interested in getting into the industry or  looking for a little extra income. Stick with it long enough and you could definitely earn a nice little paycheck!

Also, what in the world is the benefit of this thing called Paul/Angela links? Is this service really so great or, is the ODesk job posting just a plot to sell this affiliate product online to unsuspecting patrons who need a way to build links fast?

Someone posted a job today for 120 ‘Paul’ links at a budget of $20. The Paul & Angela product actually costs $215 for 120 links. Um, something just doesn’t add up here!

Rant over. AffiliateGeek out!